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Dr. Szilvási Lívia

Tel.: +36 1 461 0759
Fax: +36 1 461 0760

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Our office is located in the inner city of Budapest and can be easily approached by car or public transport; it provides a pleasant and civilised venue for receiving our Clients and holding discreetly business negotiations and contracting at high standard.
In addition to our client base of private persons, most of our client in the field of business law come from middle sized domestic enterprises and large, state owned corporations doing business in the various fields of industrial, agricultural, trade and servicing sectors. We have been working together with most of our permanent principals for several years and the base of our principals keeps growing.
Through case by case mandates, we remedy such tasks and problems of our principals as are outstandingly important and complex and require special expertise.
Most of our long term relationships have developed after such case by case mandates as were attended to fast and without errors and they have been satisfactorily maintained ever since.

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