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Dr. Szilvási Lívia

Tel.: +36 1 461 0759
Fax: +36 1 461 0760


Welcome at the home page of
Dr. Szilvási Lívia Law Office!

This site has been created for You with its contents enabling you:

>> to learn why you need the services of an attorney-at-law,
>> to form a picture of our office,

to obtain important information in order to increase the profitability of your own business and solve your legal problems,

>> and to receive answers to your questions:
  >> who we are,
  >> what we do and

what services we provide for your work to be more efficient and effective and for your legal problem to be solved fast and in a satisfying manner.

Our office seeks to approach legal issues practically with focus on the client and to solve them at high professional standard.

MarketingÖtletek Önnek!

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